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High Pressure Tanks

Basetec Services is a leading engineering company, providing construction and GRE / GRP / FRP solutions in Australia.

Delivering medium to large scale projects, with technical complexity and operational importance has been our domain for 30 years. Knowing the right type of composite materials, designing the exact solution and project managing the installation has been put to the test by global leaders in the mining, oil and gas, water and EPCM industries.

Overview of Services

  • GRE Pipe and Fittings
  • GRP/GRVE Pipe and Fittings
  • Site Maintenance
  • GRP Pressure Vessels
  • GRP Storage Containment Tanks
  • GRP Fabrication and Custom Manufacturing
  • Protective Floor Coating and Linings
  • FRP & Epoxy Coating and Linings
  • Concrete Treatment and Protection Systems

Our Expertise

  • Pre Feasibility and Conceptual Design
  • Detailed Design and Engineering Services
  • Civil Construction Services
  • Mechanical Installation and Pre Assembled Unit Fabrication
  • Hydro Testing and Plant Commissioning Services
  • Site and Plant Maintenance
 Services for the Water-Wastewater Sector
Services for the Oil and Gas Sectors
Services for the Industrial & Energy Sectors
Services for Defence Sector

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Check it out about Construction Services and GRE and GRP installation:

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